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S. Rahimi

PhD and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, Board Certified, CMRP, Iridologist, CTCMPAO, Cosmetic and Medical Acupuncturist from
Mc Master University (R.AC.)

The Goal of this Clinic:

* Directly addresses the root cause of the problem
* Restores structural balance and whole body healing
* Balances cell nutrition and detoxifies organs
* Eliminates pain and discomfort
* Prevent disease and manages weight loss

A unique test requires, treatment program is created for you with your body function, including dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplement and special prevention plan that reducing risk factor of any problems in future.

Active member of the following organizations:

-Mc Master University Medical Acupuncture
-Mc Master University Integrative Health Strategies of Women Health
-AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioner)
-ANMCA Board
-ICI (International College of Iridology)
-CCAA (Canadian Contemporary Acupuncture Association)
-CMRP (Matrix Repatterning)
-CSCMA (Canadian Society of Chinese medicine & Acupuncture)
-AAM (American Alternative Medical)
-She is co-operating with WSIB